Gayle is an animal and wildlife artist who works in a realistic style.  She has corporate and private collectors of her original paintings and giclee prints throughout the world.

Gayle developed a love of animals and the countryside as a child.  She spent many happy hours watching animals and birds in the wilder parts of Lancashire and Yorkshire. A degree in Zoology from Liverpool University added an understanding of structure and form to the more intimate knowledge of behaviour she had gained from many hours of observation.


Gayle researches each animal or bird in as much detail as possible before painting or drawing them. She particularly enjoys portraying the detail in the fur and feathers of her subjects. A small stream has been created in her garden which together with two ponds and a small area sown with meadow flowers encourages visits by many species of birds and small mammals.

Each year, Gayle visits the North America to enjoy the remote places and seek inspiration from the wild animals she encounters - including wolves, coyotes and grizzly bears in Yellowstone and Black Bears and Moose in Canada. However she continues to get as much pleasure in the many small animals that she finds on her travels as the large impressive ones.


The Llewellyn Alexander Gallery Award 2013 for 'Big Red'

The Association of Animal Artists 'Chairman' Award 2015 for 'The Dipper' at the Matin Mere Exhibition


Currently included in the Association of Animal Artists Exhibition at Martin Mere

Gayle has been selected for the David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year at The Mall Galleries, London and the prestigious National Exhibition of Wildlife Art in the UK.  Her drawings of cats can be seen each year at the Annual Exhibition of the Society of Feline Artists at The Llewellyn Alexander Gallery. She has also exhibited at several smaller galleries in the UK and USA including:-

         The Pickering Gallery, Pickering, Yorkshire

         The Cat Gallery, York, Yorkshire

         Picturesque Gallery, Silsden, Yorkshire

         Stockbridge Gallery, Hampshire

Gayle writes regular articles for Leisure Painter magazine on coloured pencil techniques and is the tutor for the London Art College Pet Portrait Diploma course.

Gayle lives in Yorkshire with her husband and several rough collies.


I have articles in the following issues of Leisure Painter Magazine:-
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November 2013 - Coloured Pencil Techniques, Brown Hare
January 2014 - Coloured Pencil Techniques, Metal
May 2014 - Coloured Pencil Techniques, weathered stump
August 14 - Coloured Pencil Techniques, Water
November - Coloured Pencil Techniques, Peacock Feather
January 2015 - Coloured Pencil Techniques, Red Deer Stag

I have several tips included in the following book by Katherine Tyrrell's on sketching and drawing. Three editions have been released
UK 'Sketching 365'
USA 'Drawing 365'
Asia '365 Hints and Tips for Drawing and Sketching'